“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science’. – Albert Einstein

The definition is as captivating and fascinating as the word ‘Sci-Art’ sounds by itself. Science and Art are two different fields and also separate in their endeavours. They are often considered to run on the either ends of a line. But what we are missing on observing is that both these two fields focus on one main element, that is the human and its behaviour n experience.

Sci-Art is not something that has aroused or taken shape now. It’s been there all these years but none of us have put in interest and seen it the way it needs to be. Science and art are a part of every aspect and element that is already in existence. For example our human body, pencil, computer, buildings, microscope etc, etc, you name it and there is a combination of science and art in it but as always its unseen by us.

Sci-Art = Science + Art is that one platform which brings these two cross – disciplinary subjects together to create something unique, which is very much needed for our fast and advancing the 21st century.

The reason behind choosing Sci-Art.

I took up science as my core subject in my 11 and 12 cause as a child I always wanted to become a cardiologist but then like we start to discover new things and make changes to our dreams and career path like everyone does, I took up interior designing and art. As I felt that suited n interested me more and that was where I wanted to see myself going. And I guess coming into the field of design and art I had slowly and gradually forgotten my love for science.

The moment I heard Sci-Art as one of the subjects for the option unit, I felt this is it. This is the one that I’m going to sign up for as my option unit. Never thought as to of how would it reflect on my MFA project or what would I gain from it, nothing, I never got a second thought in my mind. The reason behind it might be my love for science which I thought had been vanished long ago.

One thing I’m sure of is that I want to experiment with something unique and something which not necessarily relate to MFA research with all the experience that I’m going to gain through this unit. Like Sam said that we have to produce something for the exhibition at the end of this unit, I yearn to create something just relating to my Sci-Art unit. Looking forward to my end product or result with this unit.


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