Bionic Architecture

What is Bionic Architecture? 

Design and construction of expressive buildings whose layout and lines borrow from natural forms.

21st-century design – new revolution in the field of design – design for future – green power and recycling – giving back to nature.

Earth is a building – A crowned house covered with thorns donated by pacemakers.               Nature as its own has a specific, intricate and complex structure. Whereas we as humans, architects and designers are reshaping or transforming the natural structure by constructing buildings which are rigid and cuboid in shapes. But the question is, has anyone one of us thought as to why are we doing so?

Engels in the “Dialectics of Nature,” writes:

“… And so at every step of the facts remind us that we by no means rule over nature like over a foreign people, not ruling over her as someone who is outside of nature – that we, on the contrary, our flesh, blood, and brain belong to her and find her smiling in that all our mastery of it consists in the fact that we, in contrast to all other beings, aim is to learn its laws and apply them correctly “

The birth of bionics was prepared by the development of biology, chemistry, physics, mechanics, mathematical logic, cybernetics, etc. A special place here is the mathematical logic – one of the means to bind in quantitative and qualitative terms, the phenomenon with the phenomena of nature in art and architecture.

Man and the world of nature are the same biologically. When art + architecture + nature is combined together, wonders can be created in the field of architecture. The fact that the study of the “art” of nature can bring added value, no longer in doubt.

Bio means life. Thus when ‘Bio and Art’ are combined together it means there’s a new life given to art. Over a past few year architects all over the world have shown insinuative towards Bionic architecture. And few building proposals have also been put up which are in the stages of design. Among which one the most inspiring one to me is ‘ Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow by architect William Donough’.


‘ Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow by architect William Donough’

It is the best exemplification of a fully Eco and green building of the 21st century. The structure is completely inspired from a tree, as to how it grows, its life cycle, how if lives, changes and renews in pure nature.

When it comes to the technology part, the structure makes its own oxygen with the help of tree tops. Photo voltaic panels are used to convert sun-rays into energy. It is also designed in such a way that it changes its outlook as seasons pass by. It has a green roof and a 3 storey atrium gardens, for which the water from sinks, and bathtubs are recycled and used for irrigation. And further, the waste water from irrigation is again recycled and used in toilets. The materials used for the construction of this structure can later be recycled and returned back to the earth in a true Cradle to Cradle fashion. – (Basantani, M. 2012)


Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow by William Donough (Source: online)


In a sentence, ‘It’s a design that feeds ecosystems’.



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